Repairs are accepted via email, send emails to

Now accepting repairs any brand glass & accenting to repairs only

  • Foot repairs 150$ shipped
  • Neck Repairs 150$ shipped
  • Joint Repairs 150$ shipped
  • Slide repairs 60-65$ Shipped
  • Downstem Repairs 65$ Shipped

Remove Stuck Slide / Downstem 50$

Some Alterations Possible with pieces of broken tubes.


  • Clean Pictures
  • Payment First
  • Agree to repair disclosure


If you need a repair, email me ( and I will walk you through the process. Completely nonrefundable once paid, no exception. Repairs are not 100% success rate, don’t ask for a repair if you are not willing to lose the piece. It will likely not be back to factory new condition, some scarring and marks can be seen afterwards. Even if it does break I will need to be paid for my time and work, meaning I will only refund shipping. It must be received in like new condition, minus the broken art, or a cleaning fee equivalent to 2x the cost of the repair will be charged for the item to be sent back unrepaired. That means, Repair + (Repair x 2 fee). If it does break for any reason you hold Captain Hook Glass Art LLC harmless and, you are not entitled for a refund, nor something of equivalent value, by sending it you are putting it at risk twice, in the mail and in the kiln. If & when art breaks I will refund shipping and throw the broken art out. Due to the nature of glass art, things are never able to be restored 100% to its previous condition. Any shipping troubles coming from you, are your responsibility, and you will hold Captain Hook Glass Art LLC harmless. REPAIRS ARE NON NEGOCIABLE NO DISCOUNTS AND NO REPLACEMENTS.

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