Color Chart

Picture striking colors as being a combination of potentially any of the colors that show up on the chart here. Striking in a general sense means activating the minerals in the colored glass and bringing them to the surface, results vary from each time they are used. These colors are no doubt my favorites due to the variety of colors that show up, and are highly recommended. (Note: NS Yellow & Mystery Aventurine have the potential to turn a slight purple tint. Secret White, Sea Slyme, and other color strikers like them may turn opaque). Most colors vary slightly from batch to batch, and exact color results are not guaranteed based on the striking colors picture.
CFL color changing glass simply works based upon the kind of light bulb or outdoor sun you have around. In warm light, for example the glass can turn from Green to Purple. In bright white light, and outdoor sun, the same piece of glass will turn green. A warm light is around 2700K (Kelvin) and you can simply use the sun outside or around a 5000-6000K (Kelvin) light bulb for the other color shift. Very fun to play with if you have the right light bulb in a lamp on the desk for example, two colors in one!
UV colors change under a blacklight. Under normal light they appear normally clear or transparent.

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