How to Choose

Airy vs Chuggy, Why does it matter?
Airy and Chuggy describe the feeling of the pull you experience when using the glass. This is a matter of personal preference. If you have never tried a CH tube or similar, and do not know where to start, I suggest getting a Natty Beacon or a Compass to start. This allows you to get a foot in the door to understand where it lies in the lineup, as well as how and why the kind of pull matters.

An airy one (Ex. Nets) would have generally a lighter, smoother draw with both smaller forming bubbles and slightly harsher smoke.

(Net to Buoy shown above)

As where a chuggy one (Ex. Natty Buoy, Natty Beacon) will generally have a deep glug to it with more effortless smoke, generally seen with larger forming bubbles near the inlet of the perk.

(Hollowfoot Natty Buoy shown above)

For me, its a make or break for a tube, I personally only enjoy the chuggy pieces. However, about half of my customers are quite the opposite and prefer airy pieces. They are all fun to use but you’d have to try them both to see which you would enjoy the most.

Water Levels are up to personal preference, I suggest trying every water level until you find your favorite. In general, as a rule the more water added the more chuggy it will be in any setup.
However, if the tube is filled to the brim, this will make the smoke denser and taste stale, with more chance of splash near the mouthpiece.

Smoke Density
There are some tubes that are effortless to smoke, and yet may not be a good choice for a daily driver piece. Some have too much function / restriction to the smoke, so although they are “effortless” you may lose both the flavor and effect. Tasting the terps is the best part about smoking, and some more complex / multi-perk tubes can take that away. All of my tubes have been created to be below a certain threshold of restriction as to not create dense smoke. However, you can still customize with different perks to tune it to your tastes and preferences.

– Double Perks fit right in the sweet spot, where they are nearly effortless/smooth and yet still has a bunch of flavor. These have the most smoke density aside from the triples.

(Beacon to Beacon shown above)

– Single Perks are generally is extremely flavorful and easy to clean. Least smoke density but generally more airy/harsh than the others.

(Natty Buoy Shown Above)

– 1.5 perks is an option that’s available on the single perks. Its a great addition when you want just a little bit smoother than a single, but getting more flavor than a double.

(Compass 2 Hole Shown Above)

-Drain Tubes are the most efficient and often the most fun to use. The water is continuously recycled through the drain, and keeps the pull of the tube more consistent throughout use. It definitely takes it up another notch and is definitely worth the upgrade, the crows nests are a game changer and one of my favorites in the lineup. These do have denser smoke like the double perks but the drain alleviates some of that strain.

(Crows Nest Net to Beacon shown above)

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