Hot Wand


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Clear is double sided, doesn’t have hook on end.

Clear or Color

Clear, Color

Color (Pick Clear if clear)

Surprise Me, Clear, Karma, Terps (CFL Yellow – Orange), Hydra (CFL GREEN – PURPLE), Sublime, Glow Stick (PINK UV), Wood Glue, Wood Glue Lite, Ghost, Evergreen, Ether, Double Dose, Antidote, Tropical Green, Mystique Blue, Garnet, Mystery Aventurine, Pomegranate Red, Elvis Orange, Yellow Elvis, Red Elvis, Black Elvis, Haterade, Serum, Blood Rain, Parallax (Grey to purple CFL), UV Orange (UV COLOR), Light Hydro, Robins Egg, Nightshade Purple, Topaz, Blue Dream, Light Blue Amber Purple, Green Amber Purple, Amber Purple, Double Amber Purple, Lokis Lipstick, Mai Tai, NS Yellow, NS Orange, Atomic Stardust (UV), Blue Stardust, Green Stardust, Eclipse ( Black), True White, Purple Lilac, Purple Lollipop, Light Blue Cobalt, Blue Cheese, Baby Blue Cheese, Secret White, Dark Garnet, Light Ruby, Slyme, Sea Slyme, Pink Slyme, Satin Slyme, Blue Slyme, Sunset Slyme, Sashas Oil Slick, IO Star, Shooting Star, Lucy (CLEAR BUT UV Red), Luna Blue (CLEAR BUT UV Blue), Nova (UV Yellow), Electric Flamingo (CLEAR BUT UV PINK), Galaxy, Pink Ivory (CFL Ivory-to-Pink ), Syzygy (CFL YELLOW – PINK ), Skywalker, Irrid, Intense Blue-Green, Nile, Nemo, Silver Amethyst, Caramel, Blue Dreamingo (UP PINK), Half Blood, Dragons Blood, Jasper Red, Peacock, Portland Gray, Raindrop, Peach, Zen Dragon, Gemini (CFL Pink – Purple), Potion (CFL PURPLE – GREEN), Pastel Serum (CFL PINK YELLOW), Pastel Potion (CFL PURPLE to GREEN), Yoshi (CFL PINK – GREEN), Rozay

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