Bridge Color: The Bridge color of your choice for the support located between the 18mm and the main body of the tube.
Hook Color: The hook color of your choice for the hooks located on the outside & inside of the tube. Some tubes do not have hooks on the inside, and the hookless does not have any.
Bottom Art Type: The art style that is placed inside of the tube, prices are based off of difficulty.
Drain Upgrade: Highly recommended, makes a whole new style of tube where the art type continuously functions.
50mm Upgrade: Larger diameter tube, all of the netted art types work well with the upgrade.
Colored Grids: choosing a color will make your bottom art type or style you selected have colored accents. Choosing None will be clear.
Colored Marble: marble color of your choice placed on the outside of the tube. For decoration.
Matching Hook: Shorthand for matching the base color and hook color of an 18mm 3 hole hook to the selected bridge and Hook color.
Matching Dry Catch: Shorthand for matching the base color and hook color of an 18mm 3 hole Dry Catch to the selected bridge and Hook color.
Base Accent: Color accent on the Base/Foot, you pick the color. If none, then it will be clear.
Lip Accent: Color accent on the mouthpiece, you pick the color. If none, then it will be clear.
Splashguard: Located approx 5″ from the mouthpiece, optional but not recommended.

Prices are in USD.

DM on instagram is my preferred method of communication, please understand I do not answer them 24/7.

I do not send tracking with orders. Your order is not lost, it is on the way, or in production.

Once the custom order is received, its done as fast as I can in the order they came in.

Further common Questions:
What size are the full size tubes?
-15-18″ Tall
– 18mm
Can you ask for a specific height
– No.
When was my order shipped out?
– Please see below.
Can you send me a picture of X color?
– Check the color chart, use ctrl + F if on pc, or CMD + F on mac, or try google images
What if I am not in the USA and need tracking to claim the package from customs?
– Please message me.
What if it gets lost?
– I know its status, please do not fret, see below.

When can I expect my order?
-If I do not have any orders ahead, it can be done the same day the order is placed. If you order during a SALE please expect a wait for custom items. 10 business days is usually the maximum, but worst case I will require 14 business days.

Clear glass?
-Clear and color are the same price, if you want clear just pick surprise me, and write “Clear Hook” for example or “Clear Bridge Accent” in the order notes/comments.

I can make worked customs by DM request only, much more expensive than my regular glass on my site.

Please do not ask for pictures, it is beyond my capacity as a one man team to send pictures to all my orders. I apologize greatly for the inconvenience. I post a lot of my customs on my page and my story!

If your order doesn’t go through, or is ‘declined’ what can you do?

  • Email me, or DM me on IG. I can setup the payment manually, happy to help out.
  • Check your account balance to make sure you have enough.
  • Check and make sure the billing address is correct.
  • I will personally help out if you run into any issues on my site.

Refunds now have restocking fees.

“Temp” Colors

  • This is labeled as such because I havent had the chance to make any hooks with the color, and the stock image has been uploaded to identify the colors in the meantime.
  • The colors are not temporary, the picture is.

Repair Disclosure

If you need a repair, DM me on instagram, and I will walk you through the process. Completely nonrefundable once paid, no exception. Repairs are not 100% success rate, don’t ask for a repair if you are not willing to lose the piece. Even if it does break I will need to be paid for my time and work, meaning I will only refund shipping. It must be received in like new condition, minus the broken art, or a cleaning fee equivalent to 2x the cost of the repair will be charged for the item to be sent back unrepaired. That means, Repair + (Repair x 2 fee). If it does break for any reason you hold Captain Hook Glass Art LLC harmless and, you are not entitled for a refund, nor something of equivalent value, by sending it you are putting it at risk twice in the mail and in the kiln. If & when art breaks I will refund shipping and throw the broken art out. Due to the nature of glass art, things are never able to be restored 100% to its previous condition. Any shipping troubles coming from you, are your responsibility, and you will hold Captain Hook Glass Art LLC harmless.