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CHGA’s Goal is to make the easiest most reliable way to customize glass. Many years ago, I was frustrated with the used market, disrespectful people trying to take advantage of raffles, DMing glassblowers and shops alike, with issues from unresolved errors to glass sold over retail. There is no support in the community for full size art, as most companies wont even bother to take the time to respond. CHGA is an LLC with policies in place to protect not only the customers but CHGA as well, creating the most fast and reliable way to customize glass. I strive to make every customer happy with their order, with any questions, comments, or concerns please email me. Happy to help out.

There are now over 100 styles of full size CH glass art, and I believe there is a distinct difference between each one. Some I would label as “Classic” which are highly recommended, and some are more for the experienced collector who wants to use several different full size styles to enhance their experience.
This was created to show how a full size will function in comparison to the other CH styles. Function is all personal preference, and the goal is to make a custom fit to your preferences.
Having multiple Full size art pieces is one of the best ways to enjoy the full effects of the artwork. Switching between them provides variety and a different experience every time, something having one full size alone cannot compare to.

Smooth (Low) – Chuggy (High): This rating is for how the draw of the tube will feel. This rating does not involve the impact you’ll feel in use.

Impact: When in use, each full size has a different level of impact. Smooth means the impact will feel like air, as where heavy impact will feel more like a harsher experience. This is the main category to look at because its all preference in the way the tube will impact. Some prefer low some prefer high, but medium rating is a crowd favorite.
Just because its Smooth doesn’t mean its smooth (Net up), nor does Chuggy mean its heavy (180 Natty Buoy).

Resistance : How hard it is to pull, the effort needed to make the water bubble.

Flavor : Very important concept as it deals with the flavor and more importantly the effect. Single customs will almost always have more flavor. Some art like the raft will have much less taste due to the amount of filtration.

Easy to clean: Self explanatory, how easy it is to clean. 1 being very easy, 5 being very hard usually with multiple chambers.

Cleaning Frequency : How often it needs to be cleaned. In use, some will get clogged before others, however some can in theory be used for weeks although frequent cleaning is recommended.

Main Art(Easier to clean, Highest flavor, classic resistance.)Double Art(Harder to Clean, More resistance, less flavor, much smoother pull and smooth impact.)
Net 180 UpSmooth stacks, high impact_____ to Natty MusketSmooth & ChuggyMix of both
Net 180 DownChuggy, medium impactFor the doubles,_____ to Natty BuoySmooth & ChuggyMix of both Highly reccommended
Net 360Smooth stacks, high impactAdd the ratings from____ to Natty RaftSmoothSmoothest
Incycling NetSmooth stacks, high impactthe main to the____ to Natty MastChuggyHarshest
Inc MastChuggy, high impactratings from the
Natty MastChuggy, medium impactdouble top art styles.
Natty Buoy 180Chuggy, Low impact
Natty Buoy 360Chuggy, Low impact
Natty Raft 180Chuggy, Low impact
Natty Raft 360Chuggy, low impact
Natty MusketChuggy, low impact
AnchorSmooth stacks, low impact
MusketSmooth & Chuggy, Low impact
Inc RaftSmooth stacks, high impact
LightHouse 180Chuggy, Medium impact
Lighthouse 360Chuggy, Medium impact
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