Repair Disclosure

If you need a repair, email me ( and I will walk you through the process. Completely nonrefundable once paid, no exception. Repairs are not 100% success rate, don’t ask for a repair if you are not willing to lose the piece. Even if it does break I will need to be paid for my time and work, meaning I will only refund shipping. It must be received in like new condition, minus the broken art, or a cleaning fee equivalent to 2x the cost of the repair will be charged for the item to be sent back unrepaired. That means, Repair + (Repair x 2 fee). If it does break for any reason you hold Captain Hook Glass Art LLC harmless and, you are not entitled for a refund, nor something of equivalent value, by sending it you are putting it at risk twice, in the mail and in the kiln. If & when art breaks I will refund shipping and throw the broken art out. Due to the nature of glass art, things are never able to be restored 100% to its previous condition. Any shipping troubles coming from you, are your responsibility, and you will hold Captain Hook Glass Art LLC harmless.

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