Custom Hook Dry Catch


Custom Hook Stand

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Protects the tube from most wear and tear, however changes the function ever so slightly. Allows for a longer time between water changes, although everyday is recommended.

Weight 3.8 oz
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 3 in

90, 45


18mm, 14mm

Base Color

Surprise Me, Amber Purple, Double Amber Purple (Darker), Lokis Lipstick, Mai Tai, Double Mai Tai (Darker), Lucy (UV Red), Luna Blue (UV Blue), Nova (UV Yellow), Electric Flamingo (UV), Hulk (CFL Green – Pink), Shifty Peach (CFL Yellow – Pink), Pink Ivory (CFL Ivory-to-Pink ), Parallax (CFL Purple/Grey), Potion (CFL Purple/ Blue), Siriusly (CFL Purple/Grn/Blue), Gemini (CFL Purple/Blue), Syzygy (CFL Yellow-to-Pink), Exp 32 (CFL Yellow-to-Pink & UV), Dark Yoshi (CFL Green – Pink), Skywalker, Hydro, Lot Lizzard, Glopal, Purple Rainbow, NS Yellow, NS Orange, Light Blue Stardust, Atomic Stardust (UV), Blue Stardust, Green Stardust, Sublime, Dark Amethyst, Rozay, Purple Lilac, Purple Lollipop, Persephone Pink, Ether, Blue Dream, Raindrop, Light Blue Cobalt, Nemo, Coma (Light Blue), Blue Cheese, Baby Blue Cheese, Diet Blue Cheese, Indigo Adventurine, Mystery Adventurine, Mighty Moss, Tropical Green, Elvis Orange, Yellow Elvis, Red Elvis, Secret White, Garnet, Dark Garnet, Blood Rain, Half Blood, Pomegranate Red, Light Ruby, Plum Krazy, Alaskan Thunder, Blue Thunder, Crystal Bliss, English Ivy, Slyme, Slyrm, Sea Slyme, Pink Slyme, Satin Slyme, Blue Slyme, Dark Blue Slyme, Sunset Slyme, Sashas Oil Slick, IO Star, Shooting Star, Rain Drop, Sienna Brown, Blue Exotic, Aquatic Carnival, Topaz

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